Sunday, December 19, 2004

Japanese Wiktionary switched to case sensitive

Japanese Wiktionary switches to case sensitive on its lemma. Though Japanese is not written in latin alphabet and has no difference of capitalisation in writing, it includes other language words and phrases like English in which word capitalisation make a meaning difference in some cases. In the beginning of Decebmer there were around 1,300 words in latin, cyril and greek alphabet. Most of them should be begun with a small letter. After two weeks discussion Japanese Wiktionary decided to switch to the not capitalisation setting by default. A Dutch user GeraldM, who is active on Dutch Wiktionary worked with us. The switching itself was done on December 14 just before Wiktionary domain name was (unfortunately) expired. With some days break almost all 1,300 words but some German nouns and acronyms were moved by users, not by a bot. Brevam and Soldupessi worked eagarly. On Saturday afternoon (JST) the moving of 1,300 words has finished.


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